Modular Precision Hydraulic Machine Vise

  1. New design: Adjustable pressure device.
  2. Suit for processing of brass, AL, plastic, steel.
  3. New design: super open jaw size, smallest open jaw size. lock proof sysytem: prevent wrong clamping force stucks the vise.
  4. Hydraulic clamping force 4500kg for heavy duty cutting. The screw mechanism type clamping force is 2200kgs.
  5. Smooth & light openration for the handle.
  6. High accracy 0.01/100mm.
  7. Unlimited clamping range.
  8. High quality alloy steel with HRC 59
  9. High clamping pressure.
  10. Each one is same as height.
  11. Can be used in multiple style.
  12. No length of height limitation.
  13. No jaw lift.
  14. Low profile, strong & rigid.
  15. All vises are matched parallelism ±0.01/100mm


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