Precision Compact MC Vise

New Design For Hydro Booster
For machining center

  1. FCD 60 with 60kgs/mm2 or 80,000 psi high quality ductile cast iron-body material-reduce the cutting vibration.
  2. Angle-fixed design: for vertical & horizontal cutting & processing machine.
  3. Everlasting clamp power: choices of 2-Hydro & MC.
  4. Hydro: move the handle ring to word vise.
  5. Mechnical: move the handle ring toward the hex. hole.
  6. Heavy cutting.
  7. Hardness > HRC45°: vise sliding bed.
  8. High durebility & high precision.
  9. Tolerance: 0.01/100mm.
  10. Lift proof: press down design.
  11. Bending resistance: rigid & strong.
  12. Dust proof: concealed spindle.
  13. Fast & easy operation.
  14. Hydro line-one scale indicate about 1/3 of max. clamp force.


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