Precision Pneumatic Ang-Fixed Power Vise

Suitable for mass production and to be used on machine centers, milling machines, drilling machines and special purpose machines.

  1. The greatest safety distance of clamping: The switch speed is only 1.5 seconds, and the safety distance of clamping can be up to 8mm. We design the hand wheel safety distance of tools from exceeding the easily by eyes.
  2. Regulator: If the air pressure is low, 8kgf/cm2, ot can still achieve the super strong clamping capacity of 9000 kg/cm2.
    The clamping capacity from 0-9000 kg/cm2 can be set freely and adjust via pressure regulator.
    Automatically seeking the highest source of air pressure: When the required pressure was set, it will not loose under low air pressure.
  3. Down trust “semi-spherical segment” mechanism eliminates jaw liffing and work-piece liffing.
  4. The material of the vise itself adopts the one-step design of high ductility graphitized casting iron (FCD-60), and the Bottom rail of the two sides has heating treatment (HRC-45°) that can assure good performance on accuracy, wear-resisting, and tension-resisting.


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