Power Tilting Vise

  1. Tilting by rigid & strong design, 2 supporter & rigid clamping system construction.
  2. Minimum set-up time.
  3. Tilting angle can adjusted by worm & worm gear system.
  4. Accurate and built for use in milling, boring and other machines.
  5. Worm shafts are hardened and ground.
  6. Tilting plate with slots enable Multi-position work fixing.
  7. Strong structure.
  8. Hydro-booster system for maximum clamping pressure with minimum force.
  9. Sliding bed ways flame hardened and ground.
  10. Compact design. Great clamping capacity. Light & smooth operation.
  11. Body is made of FCD60 ductile cast iron, High deflection/bending resistant.
  12. Constructed for machining center, milling, drilling, grinding and many other machine shop applications.


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