VU-300 Uiversal Tilting Rotary Table

This is an accurate designed table table for milling, boring and other machine tools.
This table allows indexing. facong and other work to be car-ried out rapidly with extreme precision.
Tiliting range 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical position, 1 rotation of handle equals 3 degrees, 5 minutes tiliting reading. 10 Second Vemier Scale.

  1. Table Dial 1 Minute Graduations.
  2. Fast Degrees: Dividing Notch Pin & 24 Holes in 15 Degress
  3. Around that insures Rapid & Accurate Spacing.
  4. Minimum Set-up time.
  5. Rugged Construction.

Special Accessories

  1. Dividing plate DP-5, Detail specification & order NO. shown on page A3
  2. Tailstock
  3. Flange: Please see page A4


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